About Me

I am a young photographer, filmmaker and avid adventurer who aims to showcase the unparalleled beauty of our planet, its unique natural phenomena as well as relevant events and creations of mankind. Hundreds of thousands of pictures are uploaded to the web daily. The true art of photography is on the verge of becoming overshadowed by endless amounts of smartphone snapshots, which devalue the meaning and purpose of photography. I aim to sustain the tradition, art as well as technical finesses in photography through creative and original ideas. Since more than four years I am passionately engaged in photography and enhance my specialist knowledge through self-education and communication, besides gaining more practical experience. Admittedly, I am slightly obsessed with technology; what's more fascinating than lenses and cameras?

Creative Services


Where still images are poorly effective to capture a moment, professional video footage tailored to your desires shows its strength.


Your life is filled a plethora of emotional moments and special events that ought to be captured in captivating photographs, not only to preserve memories but also to be able to share and re-experience them at any later date.