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Photo and video shootings from the ground or the air to get the look that you want!


Your life is filled with a plethora of emotional moments and special events that ought to be captured in captivating photographs. Not only to preserve memories, but also to be able to share and re-experience them at any later date.


Where still images are ill-suited to capture all facettes of an experience, professional video footage will meet your desires.

FPV Quadcopter Operation

Fast maneuvers or slow precision flying - FPV drone footage brings the viewers an exhilarating and immersive experience.

About Me

Upcoming robotics engineer, avid photographer and filmmaker, as well as a lover of the outdoors – that’s me!

I am going into my 14th year of photography and aim to showcase the unparalleled beauty of our planet by taking the camera on all my adventures and finding new ways to frame unique scenes nature has to offer.

When I am not studying or behind the camera, I enjoy enduro mountain biking, backpacking, playing the piano, and flying my FPV quads.

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